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Acting Coaching

Audition Prep SESSION

Sometimes as an actor you feel that all you want is someone in your corner. Someone to invest in you and listen to what you need, rather than talking at you.

Too often, acting coaches coach to their set formula of how to achieve "Good Acting," and they leave one very important part out of their formula: You.

No actor is the same, which means there is no correct formula for how to succeed. Acting coaching should be a dialogue between two professionals exploring the best, most effective, and most honest way to tell stories and get work. Utilizing empathy, communication, adept analysis of the material, and desire to dive into the unknown together, a good coach won't tell you how to do your art. They will discover it with you.

This is the basis of my coaching process, and if you'd let me, I'd like to try it with you

Products Offered

Audition Prep

Personalized Expedient Audition Prep to analyze exactly how to put your best audition package together, and then execute it like a champ.

Together we will:

- Break down the text
- Analyze what you can uniquely offer to the role 
- Explore, Prep, and Shoot the piece
- Make sure you have Fun doing it

All guaranteed in one 24 hour cycle. 

Five Adjective Process (5AP)

For actors who want to explore their Type. Using a framework of open dialogue and self reflection, we will work to reclaim your type as a source of EMPOWERMENT instead of STRESS

You will come away with:

- A sense of confidence in your
Best Attributes
- A roadmap for which Material to Pursue
- An Agent-Friendly Pitch
- A feeling that your Uniqueness is your Strength


Brianne Wylie, Actress (Musical Theater, Film) NYC/Seattle, WA

Michael Trimm is an open, honest, and encouraging coach. He was able to take a piece I’ve worked on countless times over the years and guide me to see a fresh perspective on it through my own eyes, rather than just dictating what he sees and prescribing a fix. It was a very collaborative coaching, and one that was truly valuable to my work in the callbacks he helped me on. Flying solo on self-tapes is tough, and he really put me on the right track to finding a fresh interpretation of some old material. Super grateful!!“

Kevin Kelly, Actor (Film) Pittsburgh, PA

"Michael Patrick Trimm is a highly professional, extremely knowledgeable acting coach, who brings a wealth of experience to his coaching sessions.  He was very easy to work with and made the session a lot of fun!  Michael also provided many valuable lessons and insights that I can use for future auditions.  I was blown away by how well he knows his craft!! There is absolutely no doubt that my finished product was vastly improved with the benefit of Michael's coaching!  I would highly recommend him for any acting opportunity that is being pursued."

Jessie Wray Goodman, Actress/Teacher (Straight Theater, Film) Pittsburgh, PA

"I went into Michael’s Five Adjective Process Coaching thinking that I was just going to get some help with branding and marketing for my website and materials. I came out of it identifying the essence I bring into the room, the connection I have to the characters I play, and the throughline of many of the roles I have already done. It has helped me highlight the qualities that are easily accessible to me in the work, which has allowed me to have a bigger picture when I’m auditioning, choosing material, and with branding and marketing too. Michael brings a more holistic approach to what can often be a superficial process, supporting you in recognizing what you uniquely offer to the world."


Bonnie Currie, Actress (Musical Theater, Straight Theater, Film, Commercial) NYC

"Michael Trimm is an extremely fine actor, but more than that he is a craftsman second to none. His ability to see the subtext and all the nuance that’s not written on the page is uncanny. He is also a warm and inviting human who can communicate this nuance in an accessible and effective way. I always make sure I work with Michael before any important performance/ audition, because his work sessions always elevate my work to a much more detailed, specific level. I highly recommend working with him for any reason, large or small."

Michelle Do, Actress/Screenwriter (Film, Commercial) Pittsburgh, PA

"I had a huge audition coming up that I wasn't sure I felt prepared for, so I reached out to Michael for help. I was nervous going into the coaching session, but he helped me to feel comfortable and at ease within just moments of starting our session. He helped me to add another layer of depth to my character that I previously didn't have and worked with me to find weaknesses in my audition that I hadn't been aware of before the session. He was professional, personable, and really funny. I felt so much more confident going into my audition than I would've been without his help. Worth every cent."



$50/hr, ($37/hr for the first session)


$90 per session (usually 2 hours)

Tax is not included in price

To Schedule a Session, email
 or DM me through instagram

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