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My Type

My type is the awkwardly charming leading man-adjacent.


I play the young men who, upon first glance, are most likely to stick their foot in their mouth talking to the girl or get in trouble for talking back to their boss. But their passion and earnestness (plus my brand of comedic timing) make you fall in love with them and root for them no matter whether they are the hero of the story, the complicated anti-hero, or something else entirely.

My Type is very similar to Actors like:


-Miles Teller (Whiplash/Top Gun: Maverick)

-Christopher Abbott (Catch 22/It Comes at Night)

-Patrick J. Adams (Suits)

-John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom/Short Term 12)

-Shia Lebeuf (Peanut Butter Falcon/Transformers)

christopher abbott_edited.jpg
Patrick J Adams_edited.jpg

Some Adjectives to describe what I bring to the characters I play are:







I thrive in projects with fast-paced dialogue, smart complex material, and self-deprecating comedy:

(Succession, The Newsroom, Suits, Catch 22, A Few Good Men, Moneyball, The West Wing, The Big Short, etc.)


My Mission is to Bring Goodness to the Characters

You wouldn't Expect to be Good.


My art is driven by an obsession with a question​: "Who gets to tell our story? and how does that telling frame how we are received and remembered?" Because of this, I am drawn to the complex, deeply human and deeply flawed characters that often get written off in the telling of their stories and by the world around them.

The Conflicted Cop/Soldier

The Weird Student

The Ambitious Young Proffesional

The Prodigal Son

The Out-of-Control Best Friend

I am drawn to the responsibility of being a steward for these characters and their stories, giving my voice over to them. I hope by doing so I give the stories of those we write off a chance to be written back in.

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