When asked about my Type, I tell people the following:


              "I play charming sidekicks and earnest troublemakers."


But while that answers the question WHAT characters I play, it doesn't answer WHY I play them. My answer to why I play those roles is: 


              "Because I want to bring Goodness to the Characters you wouldn't expect to be Good"

As a storyteller, I am inspired to show folks the humanity that lives behind the mask of people who tend to be written off as undesirable.

The Class Clown

The Disobedient Soldier

The Snarky Coworker

The Street Rat

The Ungrateful Son

The Wild Card Best Friend

These are the characters to whom I feel compelled to lend my artistic voice, not to justify their actions, but to show that they are human. Because if you do not believe that they are just as human as you are, how can you ever learn from their story.

My Brand

As I said above, my brand is playing charming sidekicks and earnest troublemakers.

Within that type, some Adjectives to describe what I bring to the characters I play are:






Whether they're the class clown, the misguided soldier, or the prodigal son, my characters blur the lines between what is right and wrong, but their hearts are as full, vibrant, and human as any around.

Some Actors who's types are similar to mine:

-Adam DiMarco (The Order/The Magicians)

-John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom/Spring Awakening)

-Miles Teller (Whiplash/Rabbit Hole)

-Shia LeBeauf (Transformers/Disturbia)