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My Type

My type is playing passionately charming young professionals.


Young Lawyers, Rookie Cops, Doctors in Residence, Officers fresh out of West Point, Students preparing for their Careers. 

All convinced that their youthful intuition and zeal is the key to achieving their goal. And their mischievous grin might just convince you too.

My Type is very similar to Actors like:


-Miles Teller (Whiplash/Top Gun: Maverick)

-Christopher Abbott (Catch 22/It Comes at Night)

-Patrick J. Adams (Suits)

-Christopher Abbott (Catch 22/It Comes at Night)

-John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom/Short Term 12)

christopher abbott_edited.jpg
Patrick J Adams_edited.jpg

Some Adjectives to describe what I bring to the characters I play are:





-Self Righteous


I thrive in projects with fast-paced dialogue, smart complex material, and dark self-deprecating comedy:

(Succession, The Newsroom, Suits, Catch 22, A Few Good Men, Moneyball, The West Wing, Margin Call, etc.)


My Mission is to Bring Goodness to the Characters

You wouldn't Expect to be Good.


As a storyteller, I am inspired to show folks the humanity that lives behind the mask of people who tend to be written off as unpalatable.

The Renegade Cop/Soldier

The Ambitious Lawyer

The Young Mobster

The Prodigal Son

The Out-of-Control Best Friend

These are the characters to whom I feel compelled to lend my artistic voice in order to show that they have humanity and goodness inside them. And it is my job to make you see the tragedy in their humanity leading them to do bad things. I believe this is the only way we can learn from their stories.

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