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(City Theatre: Pittsburgh, PA 2023)


"For Gabrielle Kogut as outwardly aloof, inwardly fiery Mary Bennet, and Michael Patrick Trimm as the endearingly smitten Arthur de Bourgh, the roles of misfits who find their way to each other fit like custom-made gloves. Kogut and Trimm are standouts among an optimized cast and creative team."

- Sharon Eberson, OnStagePittsburgh

"Trimm's de Bourgh wear's his heart on his gorgeously-tailored sleeve. It's a great performance."

- Burghvivant

"Michael Patrick Trimm as Arthur was on fire and created a character quite worth the Austen genre."

- Pghlesbian

Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 10.16_edited.png


(Oldcastle Theater: Bennington, VT 2022)


“An impressive aspect was Trimm’s ability to cut through the societal themes of the story. He was able to deftly weave his character’s feelings of love with his committed individualism, and was most persuasive in demonstrating his inner struggle.”

- The Bennington Banner


“Michael Patrick Trimm shows us a man caught in a trap that he has laid for himself, a trap he cannot escape so he works his way deeper into it with every statement he makes... Trimm’s confrontation with his character’s convictions is very well-played and he engages our sympathies with every declaration.”

- The Berkshire Edge

"Sheepdog is superbly directed by Kirk Jackson with phenomenal performances by Ravin Patterson and Michael Patrick Trimm.. Her partner, Ryan, is given a most winning performance by Michael Patrick Trimm which is crucial to the play’s stakes."




(Pittsburgh Public Theater: Pittsburgh, PA 2019)

"Michael Patrick Trimm is heartbreakingly sympathetic as the dedicated and naïve Downey, and his gifted, subtle performance serves as an emotional anchor throughout the play. Both Trimm and Kearney transform characters that could be easily usurped by the story in which they exist." 

- PghintheRound

"Michael Patrick Trimm is properly pitiable as Downey, the bewildered follower."

- Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"Naive and boyish, Trimm's presentation of Downey was spot on. Downey is a follower and conditioned to take orders. It’s heartbreaking to watch this young man crumble when left to answer on his own."

- TheMix24/7

A Few Good Men 2_edited.jpg


(Kinetic Theatre: Pittsburgh, PA 2022)

"...the troupe’s aspiring leading man (Michael Patrick Trimm, showing his comedy chops), who is courting Moliere’s wife and wants to take over for him onstage as well.

- OnStagePittsburgh

"the cast, mostly veterans of the Pittsburgh stage, produces sharp comedic timing."




(Wellfleet Harbor Actor's Theatre: Wellfleet, MA 2018)

"With excellent help from Michael Patrick Trimm as DJ Skillet he’s constantly in motion, and just as constantly entertaining. Trimm is fantastic: he’s got a very physical presence combined with great comedic timing.” 

- The PTownie

Michael Patrick Trimm was superb in his many iterations from DJ to prep cook to ancillary characters.

- Cape Cod Times 

skillet 1_edited.jpg


(Kitchen Theater Co: Ithaca, NY 2016)

"Nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a Play:

Michael Patrick Trimm, Hand to God (Kitchen Theater)"

-Syracuse New Times

"[T]he class clown, Timothy (played by the gleeful and delightful Michael Patrick Trimm)"

- OnStage Blog

"Michael Patrick Trimm is all jangly hormones and easily punctured bravado as Timothy, an ultimately endearing kid." 


Hand to God.jpg


(New Wave Theater Collective: New York, NY 2017)

Ingenious... Really, a show well done. Credit must go to Olivia Rose Barresi and Michael Patrick Trimm for a very entertaining and perfectly constructed performance” 

- BWW Review

"This show is the ideal mix of what it means to be passionate about something in this world, and the less revealed state of those who strive to believe in that something. It is a masterful show of desire in all its truest forms.

- BWW Review

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